5 Ways To Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity

5 Ways To Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity

Elasticity is the ability to move back into a specific shape. Your skin gradually loses its elasticity over time due to natural aging processes and the environment. But don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to improve your skin’s elasticity so that you can enjoy smooth, youthful skin for many years. Here’s our advice for retaining or recreating your skin’s elasticity.

1. Skin Treatments

There are plenty of skin treatments that can effectively boost your skin’s elasticity. We offer some of those treatments here at BOHO Med Spa, including HydraFacials. With our HydraFacial package, you can increase your skin’s elasticity and blur fine lines to reveal your naturally gorgeous skin. A few other procedures that improve your skin’s elasticity are laser treatments and chemical peels. Talk with one of our experienced estheticians to determine the right solution for you.

2. Vitamins & Supplements

Although taking care of the surface of your skin is important, taking care of it from within is equally important. Certain vitamins and supplements can dramatically improve your skin’s health and elasticity. Some great options are vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, peptides, and zinc. Also, you can’t forget about the number one supplement for skin elasticity: collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein that brings strength and structure to your skin.

3. Quality Sunscreens

One effective way to improve your skin’s elasticity is to invest in a quality sunscreen—and to wear it after you buy it, of course. The sun causes all kinds of concerns, such as fine lines, spots, and even cancer. Wear SPF every day to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. You’ll not only protect your skin’s elasticity but also save yourself from many other skin issues in the future.

4. Retinoids or Retinol

Retinoids and retinol are both antiaging skin-care products derived from vitamin A. These products rebuild your skin’s elasticity and reduce fine lines. You can find them in all kinds of moisturizers, serums, and creams.

5. Healthy Habits

And finally, developing healthy habits will help your skin look and feel amazing. These healthy habits include creating a skin-care routine, investing in quality products, eating plenty of natural foods, drinking lots of water, and exercising regularly. All of these will allow your smooth, youthful skin to truly shine.

Holly is an international award-winning aesthetician and business owner with over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She was named the 2019 Top International Holistic Esthetician at the Skin Games and has owned BOHO Alternative Med Spa in Allen, TX since 2015. Holly is a wife, mother of five, and a skin fanatic whose personal mission is to help her clients create healthy, glowing skin through alternative methods.

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