Microneedling Treatments

Reveals softer, younger skin with fewer signs of aging.

Microneedling Treatments

Reveals softer, younger skin with fewer signs of aging.

While micro-needling may sound medieval, there is little to no downtime post-treatment, and the results are groundbreaking. Micro-Needling targets age spots, fine line, wrinkles, acne, and other scars. This process increases skin elasticity and evens skin tone for a glowing and radiant complexion. The treatment is safe for all skin types, doesn’t take long, has little to no discomfort, and minimal downtime. You will see and feel results after just one treatment!

The Eclipse Micro-Pen™ (AKA: our magic wand) reduces wrinkles, improves texture and tone, and reveals softer, younger skin with fewer signs of aging. Micro-needling treats acne scars, sun damage, and even stretch marks (say goodbye to those red streaks that appeared after your last pregnancy!) and  can be done anywhere on the body!

Our licensed estheticians are current with the latest skin care advancements. Their technical skills are constantly advancing with the help of ongoing education. Here at BOHO Alternative Med Spa, exceptional service is our standard. We make sure to stay consistent and provide the absolute best customer service with every treatment. We’re a leading provider of natural alternative skin treatments.  Our micro-needling treatments will help your skin look and feel younger.


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• Clean & Cleanse: We use cleansers to clean the skin surfaces that are receiving treatment.

• Numbing Cream: We apply a topical numbing cream to ease discomfort that may occur.

• Antioxidants: We cover the targeted area with antioxidants for hydration and wrinkle reduction. This also reduces inflammation and helps us effectively target aging skin, allergies, irritations, and acne.

• Micro-Needling Pen Procedure: We use small needles to prick top-layer epidermis, generating new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin.




*Medical micro-needling helps with acne scars and stretch marks

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