4 Natural Spa Treatments You Never Knew You Needed

4 Natural Spa Treatments You Never Knew You Needed

Sometimes, our bodies hold more stress than we realize. Self-care and spa visits are essential steps in relieving stress and healing the body. At our med spa in Allen, TX, we offer a variety of natural spa treatments that you never knew you needed. Treat yourself and schedule one of the natural spa services below to bring out the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.


Without a doubt, facials are currently one of the most popular spa treatments. Natural facials help you achieve glowing skin, and they’re also relaxing for the mind and body. In addition, facials can soothe and diminish many skin issues, such as fine lines, acne, blackheads, scarring, and sun damage.


Peels are similar to facials, but they produce different results. Natural peels create a controlled injury on the epidermis of the skin to trigger the body’s natural healing process. Peels are some of the best ways to reduce acne scarring, and they also smooth fine lines while improving skin texture.

LED Therapy

If you’re searching for a quick, pain-free, comfortable treatment, try out LED light therapy. This popular therapy definitely deserves to be on our list of natural spa treatments you never knew you needed. The skin has the ability to absorb certain frequencies and wavelengths of light, transforming the light into healing energy that provides a multitude of benefits. Certain peels and facials only work for specific skin types, but LED light therapy works for all skin types to create happy, healthy skin.

Body Sculpting

It’s no secret that liposuction and other body-contouring methods can cause pain and discomfort. However, at BOHO Med Spa, our body-sculpting treatment is natural, noninvasive, and virtually painless! With our natural Bodicurrent technology, we stimulate the body’s natural healing processes to detoxify your system and remove unwanted fat cells naturally.

Holly is an international award-winning aesthetician and business owner with over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She was named the 2019 Top International Holistic Esthetician at the Skin Games and has owned BOHO Alternative Med Spa in Allen, TX since 2015. Holly is a wife, mother of five, and a skin fanatic whose personal mission is to help her clients create healthy, glowing skin through alternative methods.

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