50 Min Facial

The Oxygen Rx is nourishing and reparative facial for any skin type.

This Korean Oxygen facial leaves your skin looking like glass! Oxygen is nourishing and reparative and great for any skin type. This is the perfect facial for a big event. 

This facial work by introducing a controlled amount of oxygen directly into the skin at an optimal level to provide maximum health benefits which help replace the ruddy-look associated with acne and rosacea to instantly calm and brighten the skin.

No bacteria can live in this extreme oxygenated environment. The germicidal action of the oxygen makes it highly beneficial for acne. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness, stimulates cell turnover, and leaves your complexion hydrated and revitalized. 

Specifically great for: Ance, rosacea, inflamed, sensitive, a glow for big event


Germicidal action to the skin against acne and rosacea

A skin-lightening agent and sun damage reduction

Increases skin function, nutrient transport, and repair to make skin look better

Decreases erythema/redness

Vaso-constricting of capillaries

Stimulates fibroblasts which create collagen in the skin

Increases new blood vessel formation

Supply of Oxygen that neutralizes free radicals


Before and Afters

Our Oxygen RX Process

Gua Sha stone work –  float away our famous Jade comb Hair play with facial lymphatic drainage session with to depuff, detox, Lift & Tone 

Steamy herbal cleanse – A steamy herbal facial bubble bath to provide a deep pore cleanse while calming skin. 

Botanical Enzymes – Gentle exfoliation with bromelain, papain, and trypsin. These enzymes remove dead skin buildup leaving behind a more bright and smoother looking skin. 

Oxygen Rx Treatment – Fluffy white Oxygen foam is applied and massaged into the skin to reduce inflammation, brighten, and kill off acne-causing bacteria.                  

 Extractions – The Oxygen liquefies excess sebum in the skin making extractions or “pimple-popping” more comfortable and faster. 

Custom Mask – We choose a mask that is best suited for your skin’s needs, and it is applied with a relaxing massage.              

Hydrate and Protect – Finishing with calming antibacterial serums, acid mantle building reparative moisturizer in massaged into the skin.

LED Therapy – LED light therapy in particular is excellent for all skin types and is       engineered to sooth inflammation, kill bacteria and stimulate collagen. 

 (This service is 30 mins in the treatment room and 20 mins in LED therapy) 


Oxygen RX Pricing

  • OxygenRx’ Lvl 1: $170
  • OxygenRx’ Lvl 2: $185
  • OxygenRx’ Lvl 3: $200
  • OxygenRx’ Lvl 4: $220

Oxygen RX Back Pricing

  • Level One To Level Four Esthetician: $240

*  Estheticians can increase in level based on experience and education


Acne Q&A's

What is causing my acne?

Acne is a physical way of your body telling you that something is wrong. Its the messenger system of your body, if the messenger never came, acne left untreated could lead to disease down the road. Our job now is to listen and figure out what your body is saying stopping breakouts and disease down the road. Causes of Acne range all over the place. Hormones, Diet, Hygiene, Stress and harmful skin care products are typically the main contributors.  At BOHO its our job to help figure out what is causing your breakouts and find a solution.

What is causing my redness/sensitivity?

Redness is typically associated with inflammation in the body. The cause is a typically a diet issue. 

Toxic products that strip your acid mantle which is the protective layer of your skin leaves no protective barrier on your skin making it sensitive. 

How can I boost my results?

Alpha Beta Peel  – $50 Add on

Fight the signs of aging with the combination of Lactic and Salicylic Acids. This unique blend of Alpha and Beta acids will not only effectively exfoliate the skin but also even out your complexion. This is the perfect rejuvenator for all skin types.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I get this treatment?

Correction: Acne Journey every week for one month, then once a month until the plan is complete

Maintenance: One treatment a month or every other month depending on skin needs. 

Does it hurt?

Overall the Oxygen RX is a pleasant treatment. Oxygen, when applied on the skin, can have a warm tingling feeling. Extractions are never a relaxing process, however, we do our best to ease any discomfort.

How long do the results last?

Results last as long as you are maintaining at home. Think about working out at the gym and then your not eating healthy. The results would not last or they would be not as effective as they could be. As long as we get to the root cause of why you are breaking out and make adjustments where needed and you are using the right skincare at home, your results will last.


Allergy to citric acid of any kind; oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.

After Treatment Expectations

After the Oxygen RX Treatment skin is typically brighter, a smoother complexion, blemishes decrease and pore size is smaller. 

If deep extraction were performed during your Oxygen RX, it is common to have redness and minor swelling. Using a cold compress at home will help to calm extraction areas. 

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