What to look for in an Esthi School


Reviews are everything and they don’t lie! 

Look for reviews on google, yelp and facebook 

Skincare line

Make sure the school uses corrective skin lines. That way you are starting to learn more advanced esthetics during school. 

Stay away from schools that use dermalogica or murad. These lines are very gentle. Most schools use them because you can not hurt any clients with them. You don’t have to really understand what you are doing to use the products, unlike other lines if you don’t use the product right, you can really hurt your clients skin due to high percentages of active ingredients.

Ask options from local esthetician’s and alumni 

Call local spas and Med spas where they recommend going to school.

What to ask Alumni

About teachers 

How much to they train you on the state practical


Are they happy with their education?

Where to find Alumni

The places listed below are known for employing estheticians right out of school. 


European Wax 

Massage envy 

Make sure you are able to learn all esthetics modalities 

It’s really important to learn all esthetics modalities to find out which type of esthetics you would like to pursue. 

Also, see if they off advanced aesthetics classes like Microneedling, dermaplaning, microblading, and hydrafacial to name a few. 

Experienced educators 

I would make sure your teacher has been teaching for at least 2 years. Experience is worth way more than a degree, so be sure you are vetting the educators as your school before you commit to attending.

My personal recommendation for best local school 

I interview esthetician’s all the time for BOHO. I typically give them a very basic skin quiz just to see how much they know. Unfortunately most esthetician’s fail. 

I know crazy right! It’s sad but true. Most esthetics schools do not teach much at all. 

I went to Ogle and it was an absolute joke. It was more of a women’s prison than a beauty school. 

Anytime I have ever interviewed an esthetician from Salon boutique they have always passed with flying colors. They actually care and teach their students. I always ask the esthetician’s that meet if they are happy with their school they want to and all of them are always disappointed, unless they went to a Salon boutique. 

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