What To Do After a Body Sculpting Treatment for Best Results

What To Do After a Body Sculpting Treatment for Best Results

If you are here, that means you have completed one or more body sculpting treatments. You are well on your way to achieving the figure of your dreams! Of course, after you invest in a body sculpting treatment, you’ll want to keep and enhance your results. Although everyone is different, there are a few steps that help the majority of people achieve the healthy body that they desire. Let’s go over what to do after a body sculpting treatment to keep your amazing results.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Our body contouring treatment called Bodicurrent uses three different types of microcurrents to encourage natural detoxification and increase circulation in the body. After our professional estheticians stimulate these two natural processes, your body responds and becomes slimmer, healthier, and more energetic. For your body to perform these natural detoxification processes, it needs plenty of water. Additionally, hydrated cells allow the low-level current from our Bodicurrent to reach the targeted areas easily and quickly, while dehydrated cells can slow down the current significantly.

If you want to see optimal results after your body sculpting session, be sure to hydrate! Drink plenty of water and electrolytes to help with the detoxification and recovery processes. Keep in mind that other liquids, such as iced coffee, sodas, and juices, do not provide the same benefits as water, so do not replace H2O with sugary drinks. In fact, sugar can negatively affect your results and recovery process, so it’s best to avoid it when possible.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

In addition to water, your body also needs fresh, whole, and healthy foods to detox and recover from the sculpting session. These foods include plenty of fresh, vitamin-rich vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean proteins, and unprocessed carbohydrates. Some items to avoid include processed foods, sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. One resource that we recommend is The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey. Also, if you sign up for our Monthly Unlimited sculpting plan, we provide a nutritional consult so you can tailor a diet to your needs and lifestyle.

Give Your Body Time To Rest and Detox

While going over what to do after a body sculpting treatment, it’s also important to mention what not to do. Right after your session, give your body some time to rest and detox. You don’t need to run straight to the gym or perform intense workouts right after your session. While you can exercise after your treatment, remember to give your body time to rest as well.

Exercise Consistently After Resting

While you should avoid intense workouts right after your body sculpting session, we do recommend walking for ten minutes to help with lymphatic drainage. Essentially, the sculpting process stimulates your body to release toxins and unhelpful cellular debris. Movement and gentle exercise will aid the detoxification process and enhance your results.

Use Your Vibration Plate

One machine that you can use for gentle exercise is a vibration plate. You can place these plates under your feet or lean on them with your arms. These machines send gentle vibrations through your body that move your muscles without pressuring or straining them. The best part about these plates is that you can use them at any time, even when you sit. They are small, easy to move, and provide gentle exercise and movement for your body.

Gently Massage Treatment Area

In addition to exercise, gentle massages can also improve your lymphatic drainage and detoxification process. Keep in mind that these massages should be very gentle and last around ten minutes. Avoid going to a masseuse for deep massages that take hours at this point. After your body has some time to recover, you can schedule massages with a professional.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, so the recovery time will vary depending on the person. The best way to determine when you can visit your masseuse again is to talk with your esthetician. Our professionals will be able to provide an answer depending on your body and situation.

Avoid Alcohol After Treatments

Although you might want to celebrate after your body sculpting treatment, we do recommend avoiding alcohol for a period of time after your treatment. While we don’t want to interrupt your fun, we do want to ensure that you receive the best possible results. Unfortunately, alcohol reduces your body’s ability to detox and eliminate cellular debris. This means that your body sculpting treatment and all your hard work will not be as effective they should be. So, after your treatment, avoid alcohol until your esthetician gives you the green light.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

During the detoxification process, you’ll want to keep your body as comfortable as possible. During and after your session, wear comfortable clothing instead of tight or restrictive clothing. Loose, comfy clothes will allow lymphatic drainage and improved circulation to occur so that you’ll obtain amazing results. Restrictive or tight clothing can hinder these natural processes, so comfy clothing is your best option.

Attend All Treatment Sessions

For optimal results, it’s important to attend all your treatment sessions. Each body sculpting session takes you one step further towards your goal. Ideally, we recommend 10 total sessions at 3 times per week. And we can target more than one area at a time, and the process is fast and virtually pain-free. We find that this number of sessions produces wonderful results, allowing our clients to obtain a healthy and beautiful figure safely and naturally.

Achieve the Best Results

The overall goal of body sculpting is to unlock a happier, healthier version of you! While a gorgeous figure is certainly part of the deal, it’s not the only goal of this process. The detox that our body sculpting treatment creates will boost your energy and improve your overall health. To achieve the absolute best results, adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and taking time to rest and relax. Taking all these steps will not only give you a stunning figure that boosts your confidence, but it also will improve your mood, energy, and overall health.

What To Do After a Body Sculpting Treatment for Best Results
Holly is an international award-winning aesthetician and business owner with over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She was named the 2019 Top International Holistic Esthetician at the Skin Games and has owned BOHO Alternative Med Spa in Allen, TX since 2015. Holly is a wife, mother of five, and a skin fanatic whose personal mission is to help her clients create healthy, glowing skin through alternative methods.

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