Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal: What Is the Difference?

Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal: What Is the Difference?

Some people love to rock their body hair, but others want it gone. There are many hair removal processes available that you can use to achieve silky-smooth skin, and two of the most popular options are waxing and laser hair removal. Discover the differences between them here.

The Basics of Waxing

The waxing process uses hot or cold wax to stick to the hair on your body. Then, your wax specialist will rip the wax away from the body, taking the hair with it. Specialists use baby powder to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin, but the process can still cause discomfort and pain. However, many people prefer waxing to shaving because the results last from three to six weeks. After your hair grows back in that period, you can simply book another appointment and repeat the process.

The Basics of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is different from waxing in one significant way: instead of removing hair for only three to six weeks, laser hair removal removes unwanted hair forever. That’s right! Laser hair removal is permanent, so you’ll never need to worry about body hair again. This process involves minimal pain, and most people need only eight treatments to completely remove unwanted hair. During a laser hair removal treatment, your esthetician will direct a beam of light onto your body and into your hair follicles. This light produces heat that prevents hair follicles from producing more hair. Laser hair removal is quick and virtually painless, and it produces lifetime results.

The Best Option for Your Body

Both waxing and laser hair removal are effective options to remove unwanted hair, but how do you choose the right process for you? It all depends on your personal preferences and the results you want to achieve. If you want hair that grows back, waxing is your go-to choice. For permanent results, come and visit us for laser hair removal in Allen, TX. Our process is fast, effective, and virtually painless. To learn more about our process, give our friendly estheticians a call today.

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