Microcurrent and It’s Surprising Effect On Body Sculpting

What you are about to learn is what I found after two years of researching body sculpting devices and how it led me to this technology to get the best results.

America’s Weight Loss Epidemic

There is a huge need to help people with their weight loss goals than just diet and exercise. It seems like that is the dogma preached over and over about cutting calories for the past fifty years but we keep getting fatter as a nation. It seems like losing weight is not as simple as working out and cutting calories. There is a huge need for something that actually works.

Microcurrent could be the best-kept secret in a booming body sculpting industry.

The diet and weight loss industry hit $72 Billion dollars in 2019. That just looks like a lot of people spending money with little to no results, or else we would actually see a lot of skinny people. But losing weight is hard with the convenience of the fast food we have in America and all the delicious sugary drinks and packaged snacks. (That I could endlessly eat) People have been looking for the convenience in getting their body to where they feel confident in what they look in the mirror. I mean, it’s the twenty-first century, there is an app for everything… So why do we have to suffer from diet and exercise? Let me introduce you to microcurrent and how it can give you the body you want, faster. 

How does microcurrent work for body sculpting?

There is a new technology called bodicurrent that uses three different types of medical microcurrents to do 4 different things:

  1. Increase Energy(1)
  2. Detox Fat Cells(2)(3)
  3. Increase Collagen(4)(5)
  4. Promote Muscle Gain(6)

Think of a couch potato, sitting there doing nothing but munchin’ on chips, well that is what your fat cells are doing… you need to increase their energy production so they can start working. Microcurrent has been shown to achieve a dramatic increase in energy by increasing ATP production by 500%.(1) ATP is a molecule that your body uses for energy and with 5x more energy a fat cell can start excreting toxins, and with the massive amount of toxins that get accumulated a fat cell can swell up. So detoxing can get those fat cells back to their normal size.(2)(3)

No one wants to lose a bunch of fat and have that nasty sagging skin, but what options do you have besides a tummy tuck? Well, now you can tighten that skin with microcurrent; by increasing collagen production which will lift and tighten the skin by stimulating fibroblasts which are the cells that string collagen together.(4)(5)

By now you’re seeing that microcurrent is great for body sculpting, it can increase energy, reduce fat, and increase collagen, but what does that mean for you? A slim waistline, flatter tummy, more round lifted butt, slimmer thighs… the list goes on.

But it does come with a side-effect. This side-effect is a good thing though. This side-effect is going to increase muscle growth as if you were working out.(6) So you get to lie down for 30 minutes, hook up some pads and get a fat-shredding workout that tones and tightens the stubborn parts of your body. It sounds like the exercise of the future that’s here now.  

So why is no one talking about this?

I took a marketing class in college, and the one big thing that I took from it was this; it’s better to spend a dollar telling everyone you have the best product than spending that dollar on making your product the best. So right now we have so many devices on the market that are backed by some big pockets. The most popular body sculpting device is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting has amazing marketing and getting the word out about slimming down without working out. The average cost of a CoolSculpting session in the Dallas area is $2,460 and most people need two to three sessions, which can be more costly than liposuction. Not only that, you can’t be too fat in order to receive treatment; you have to be within 20 pounds of your ideal weight. But with body current, how big you are does NOT matter. The side effects that come along with cool sculpting are pretty mind-numbing (pun intended). An article from RealSelf show that 66% of people after CoolSculpting found they were numb in that area for the next two months, 20% got nerve damage, and some people have even gotten frostbite from the procedure, even though yes that’s rare that would still suck if that was you. Something more common is that after that fat is frozen off if it is likely to just move to a different area, like in the armpit. You can read more of the bad and the good about CoolSculpting here.

Final Thoughts

Most people are overweight not from lack of trying to lose it. I’ve seen many people just unhappy with their appearance and they are trying to find answers. Unfortunately, there are very people and doctors that are giving very bad advice. If someone tells you “eat less, work out more” that should be your cue that they know nothing. Here is why, your body will make you fat for multiple reasons, like hormone imbalance, inflammation, viruses, imbalance in your gut bacteria, the list can go on and on and has nothing to do with eating less and working out. 

Now here is my hierarchy of what to do to get back to your desired weight. You must understand the foods that hurt you and cause inflammation, read The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey. The book will give you great insight into toxic foods and non-toxic foods. I have this roadmap on my fridge to help me.

Second, get your hormones checked by a functional medicine doc or a hormone clinic. Someone that actually knows hormones, not your typical family doctor. If they don’t know what leptin is and how it will keep you fat, they don’t know what to look for. 

Third, you should work out 2-3x a week, not just for weight loss but because in order to stay healthy you need to be moving. A program that has high-intensity interval training is best because it dramatically boosts your metabolism, increases detox, and is the best workout for overall health. 

And lastly, hack your fat by sculpting your body with microcurrent. A great way to get rid of the stubborn fat that just won’t go away. I believe this can be the best hack for the times when you want to achieve a weight goal fast, or the holidays are here and you are planning to indulge a bit. Now you have a fabulous tool to get right back to loving what you see in the mirror.



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