All things Laser Hair Removal

by Taylor Iverson

Shaving? I haven’t done that in years and that’s all thanks to Laser Hair Removal. Say goodbye to razors, stubble, and in-grown hairs! What I love about LHR is that it’s safe for any skin type and can be done on any part of your body that has dark, coarse hair.

How to prepare for this treatment

Please come to the appointment with freshly shaven skin. No spray tan or sun exposure 2 weeks prior and no waxing or tweezing 4 weeks prior for the best results.

What to expect

If you have had any type of waxing done in the past this will be a breeze for you. There is minimal or no discomfort with the laser we use. This laser also comes with a chilling device so as we are treating, there is cold air being blown onto the skin. After we have fully treated the area of concern you will still notice hair there as those will fall out in the following weeks depending on the stage of growth it’s at and that’s why you usually need 6 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart so we can get every hair in the specific stage to kill the follicle. As we do the treatments you will start to notice that your hair is growing back slower and much thinner until it all goes away. Something I would like to address is sometimes the hair can come back but it’s very minimal growth and, in this case, you can come in for a touch-up appointment to get rid of those stubborn hairs. The treatment itself is crazy fast, I can actually do a full body in 20 minutes which is amazing!


Love on your skin and treat your skin gently for at least 24hrs after. No heat, such as saunas, steam rooms, hot tubes, and extremely hot showers for 48hrs. Avoid sun exposure to prevent hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation. Do not use any hair removal products such as tweezing or waxing because this can disturb the hair follicle.

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