Nutritional IV's

Beauty begins on the inside. Nutrition and supplemental vitamins are often the most underutilized measure to prevent aging and invest in feeling and looking your best. At BoHo we offer Nutritional IV therapy designed to protect, nourish, enhance or elevate your wellness.
Benefits are immediate and include increased energy, catalyst for detox, radiant skin and improved immunity. Our custom IV solutions will saturate your blood supply with dynamic nutrients that will be carried to all your organs and tissues; yes your skin is your largest organ and needs nourishment.
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Hydration | $99 Infusion Time: 1 Hour

Dehydration is pretty prevalent among people. Some common symptoms, headache, soreness, low energy, and many more. But with this cocktail will provide you with more fluids and B vitamins to get you back to performing at your peak.



B1 = 600mg          B2 = 24mg          B3 = 600mg

B5 = 26mg          B6 = 60mg          B12 = 5mg

Modified Myers | $165 Infusion Time: 1 Hour

Your general health and wellness cocktail of important nutrients that will provide healthy support to your body and brain. 


The key nutrients in this Drip IV are Vitamin C to provide support against free radical damage. 


Magnesium for energy production, muscle relaxation, and support the 800+ other reactions in the body. Methyl-B12 to maximize energy production. B-Complex for stress support and the creation of energy.


The Dose:

Vitamin C = 10g    Manesium = 1g   Calcium = 100 mg 

B1 = 600mg           B2 = 24mg          B3 = 600mg

B5 = 526mg          B6 = 260mg          B12 = 5mg 

Forever Young | $245 Infusion time: 2 hours

NAD+ is hailed by scientists all around the world to be the best nutrient for everything anti-aging. 

Because this one molecule is the second most abundant molecule in the human body right behind ATP, which is the main energy molecule that keeps your body going. NAD+ dramatically drops as we age, almost like priming our bodies to die, but when you dose the body with this miracle molecule the benefits are profound. Most clients notice their sleep improves, they are more productive and focused, they are less anxious or depressed, and they simply had stable energy all day. 

Read our blog post to get more details on how our Forever Young infusion can be a great strategy to look and feel younger. (To be posted)

Make it better: Adding Glutathione will help make your cells more “slippery” which can allow NAD+ to cross into the cell more easily.


The Dose:

NAD+ = 250mg           Vitamin C = 10g           Magnesium = 2g

Amino Acid Blend           B1 = 600mg           B2 = 24mg

B3 = 600mg           B5 = 526mg           B6 = 26mg

Pure NAD+ IV | $245 Infusion Time: 2-3 Hours

More is good for people with autoimmune issues, depression, and anxiety.

But the strategy is different, it is recommended to do an infusion 3x a week for a couple of weeks.


Make it better: Adding Glutathione will help make your cells more slippery which can allow NAD+ to cross into the cell more easily. Amino acids seem to increase the utilization of NAD+ in the bloodstream.



NAD+ = 500mg

Collagen Boost | $165 Infusion Time: 1 Hour

Collagen is a hot topic in the skin world. It makes sense, it is the key to keeping your skin firm and supple. But what makes collagen? Is it the special cream you get from France? Is it a magic potion? Collagen simply is made by fibroblasts. Procedures like Microneedling stimulate fibroblasts to make more collagen, but what do these cells need in order to make it? The answer is Vitamin C, Proline, Lysine, and Glycine. So in order to give all the building blocks for these fibroblasts to make collagen we have those essential nutrients in there along with other nutrients to support the energy these guys need to keep up with the work-load.


Make it better: Add on a B12 shot to provide more energy for your best friend, the fibroblast.



Vitamin C = 10g          Amino Acid Blend          Lysine = 300mg

Glycine = 250mg          Taurine = 200mg          Pyridoxine = 100mg

Immunity | $165 Infusion Time: 1 Hour

When you feel sick or low energy, help boost the body to fight off any unwanted pathogen by giving it a mega-dose of Vitamin C. Also comes with energy supporting nutrients like magnesium, B vitamins especially B12, and Zinc which is a great immune booster.



Vitmain C = 15g          Magnesium = 2g          Calcium = 100mg

Zinc = 30mg          B1 = 600mg          B2 = 24mg          B3 = 600mg

B5 = 26mg          B6 = 60mg

Purify | $165 Infusion Time: 1 Hour

Every day we are living in a toxic soup, there are toxins in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Your “toxic bucket” gets filled more and more for your body to detox that junk out. With this Drip IV, we have designed it to stimulate the detox pathways and provide the nutritional support for your energy supply to clean out this “toxic bucket”. 



Vitamin C = 7.5g

Magnesium = 1g          Calcium = 100mg          Carnitine = 1g

Selenium = 400mg          Zinc = 10mg          B1 = 200mg

B2 = 8mg          B3 = 200mg          B5 = 8mg

B6 = 220mg          B12 = 10mg          Glutahione = 1g

Glow Booster | $45 - 10 Minute Push

Our glow booster is straight glutathione. Glutathione is our body’s most powerful antioxidant. It is a 1000x more powerful than vitamin C in getting rid of free radicals that damage our cells. So this guy is like the cleaning crew for your cells, and when the cleaning crew is done, your “house” never looked better. It literally glows. 



Glutathione = 1g

Skinny Shot | $35

Also known as a MIC shot because there are three nutrients in this shot that act like little Pac-Men that go around eating up fat. This injection is great in conjunction with our body sculpt or other healthy lifestyle changes.



Methionine = 50mg

Inositol = 100mg

Choline = 100mg

Energy Shot | $35

Having a boost of energy does more than just getting through your day, energy helps to have a better mood, more focus, and more motivation to get things done. It affects us in multiple areas in our lives and can make us a crappy human when we lack it. Our methylated B12 is perfect to support those energy pathways to help you be your best self.



Methyl-B12 = 10m

Rejuve Shot | $35

What helps support energy, repairs DNA, and increases brain performance? The answer is CoQ10. This multifaceted nutrient plays a big roll in keeping your heart healthy and can get depleted by some drugs like statins. CoQ10 is apart of the Kreb Cycle that produces energy for your body and being deficient this will limit how much energy your body can make.



CoQ10 = 20mg

Our Process

Supplements can only deliver a fraction of the benefit of a single drip IV treatment, as the body can’t readily absorb pills and liquids. Instead, each drip IV is 100% ready to be used by the body where it impacts are immediate.


Say goodbye to fatigue, illness, and stress and book a BOHO Drip IV today.

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