“Mascne” AKA ance from wearing masks.

As an esthetician, wearing a mask consistently is the norm. However, since COVID, a lot of my clients have had an increase in acne around the lower half of their faces and had no idea where it was coming from! What they are experiencing is called “Mascne,” ask acne from wearing a mask, and its no surprise it’s on the rise!

Mascne is acne that develops in the lower face area as a result of wearing a mask for an extended period of time. Typically we get sweaty wear the mask is resting on our face. Our sweat has toxins in it that can breed bacteria when not cleaned off right away. 

The mask also makes it hard, not only for you to breathe but your skin as well. 


  1. Wear a clean, breathable mask
  2. Don’t skip on your skincare regimen 
  3. Avoid touching your face as much as possible- You have bacteria on your hands. That can be easily spread to our face creating breakouts. 


Skincare will not prevent breakouts, however, it can help it to go away faster. 

  1. Circadia’s Spot Stop- is a magical spot acne treatment that you apply at night, then poof! your pimple is gone in the morning. Using Spot Stop helps your pimple go away fast and prevents forever pimples aka acne scars! 
  2. Circadia’s Honey cleanser-  This cleanser has honey in it which is an antimicrobial that kills off bacteria. The organic beeswax beads in it will help absorb the excess oils in your skin that can also contribute to your breakouts. The beads will also buff away dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing. 
  3. Salicylic cleansing pads – Look for wipes that have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in them. Use these to wipe down your face during the day. Make sure you get a low strength one so it does not cause your skin to dry out. Only wipe the area where your mask is covering on your face or where you are primarily breaking out at. 
  4. Zinc- Zinc is nature’s antibiotic. Zinc will help kill off the bad bacteria from the inside and skincare products will help externally. 

Mascne can be annoying, and sometimes difficult to treat if you are consistently wearing a mask, but if you implement these techniques, you can certainly combat it!

As always, it’s so important to implement normal cleansing techniques in addition to these products! Check out our other blogs and feel free to DM us if you have any questions!

Holly Tanella
Holly is an international award-winning aesthetician and business owner with over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She was named the 2019 Top International Holistic Esthetician at the Skin Games and has owned BOHO Alternative Med Spa in Allen, TX since 2015. Holly is a wife, mother of five, and a skin fanatic whose personal mission is to help her clients create healthy, glowing skin through alternative methods.

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