5 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips To Follow

5 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips To Follow

It’s almost summer, which means that it’s time to take out your cute outfits, sunscreens, and shades. While we love warm weather and sunny days, they can take a toll on our skin. Keep your skin healthy and glowing with these five essential summer skin care tips to follow.

1. Hydrate Your Skin

Your body and skin usually lose more water in the summer than in the winter. This is due to the warm weather. Elevated temperatures make you sweat, so you lose water that is necessary for hydration. In addition to drinking plenty of water, bring life to your skin with hydrating masks and serums.

2. Keep Your Sunscreen Close By

Almost every dermatologist will tell you to keep your sunscreen close during the summer, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Enjoy the bright and sunny days of the season as much as you can after you put on your sunscreen. And keep in mind that you don’t have to look like a ghost when you wear sunscreen (unless you want to, of course). There are plenty of quality sunscreens that do not leave a white cast and flatter your natural skin tone.

3. Remember to Exfoliate

The third essential summer skin care tip to follow is to remember to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes dirt, dead skin cells, and debris from the surface of your skin. Keep in mind that you want to avoid over-exfoliation since this can do more harm than good for your skin and body.

4. Wear Noncomedogenic Makeup

It’s no secret that certain types of makeup can easily clog your pores and harm your skin, especially during the summertime. To keep your skin clear and glowing, wear noncomedogenic makeup. This type of makeup uses formulas that will not clog your pores but still leave your skin looking flawless.

5. Treat Yourself to the Spa

Sometimes, your skin needs a little love and care. This summer, treat yourself and your skin by visiting our skin care med spa. At BOHO Med Spa, our facials and other treatments help you bring out your healthy, natural, and gorgeous skin.

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